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The Gerald L. Greiner Environmental Protection Award is awarded annually to the Waterways Conservation Officer (WCO) who best exemplifies the ideals of “Resource First” - the protection, conservation and enhancement of the Commonwealth’s water resources in the performance of their daily duties.

This award is in memory of WCO Gerald Greiner who dedicated his life to protect, conserve and enhance the southwest region’s water resources; it’s streams, rivers and lakes. Jerry devoted the majority of his career working in the Three Rivers area investigating pollutions and stream disturbances, sampling industrial and municipal discharges and monitoring the activities of the sand and gravel dredgers. Jerry’s tough stance on enforcing the various pollution laws brought many violators into compliance. Jerry had developed close working relationships with the DEP, local conservation districts, sportsmen’s clubs and other environmental organizations throughout his career. Jerry was always involved in numerous environmental enhancement projects, litter pick-ups, Youth Field Days and AMD/Pollution abatement projects. Jerry’s dedication to environmental protection played a part in the recovery of the water quality and fishery of the Three Rivers. Jerry was a credit to the “Thin Green Line” of WCOs who protect, conserve and enhance our water resources.


    • Pollution and Stream Disturbance Activities - Knowledge of laws and regulations, expertise in investigations, negotiations and courtroom proceedings
    • Effectiveness in Law Enforcement Activities - Pollution, stream disturbance and littering.
    • Working relationship with - Watershed Associations, DEP, EPA, USFWS, Conservation Districts, Sportsmen’s Clubs, PA Cleanways, PFBC Environmental Services and other environmental organizations.
    • Involvement in - Environmental projects, litter pick-ups, AMD/pollution abatement projects, stream bank restoration/enhancement projects, fish habitat enhancement projects and dirt and gravel road projects.
    • Permit Reviews - Knowledge and effort in the review of permits, ie. mine applications, oil & gas well applications, stream encroachment applications and other environmental project applications.