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Procedure Guide - Updated 2023
Application - Updated 2023
Operating Statement - Updated 2023

The Erie Access Improvement Grant Program was made possible by Act 159 of 2004 which created a new Lake Erie stamp (required for anglers fishing in the Lake Erie watershed) and a Combination Lake Erie Trout/Salmon Stamp. The Act provides that the proceeds from the sale of Lake Erie permits are to be deposited into a restricted account within the Fish Fund to "be used to provide public fishing access or to protect or improve fish habitat on or at Lake Erie, Presque Isle Bay and their tributaries, including waters that flow into those tributaries. Act 56 of 2020 expanded the Erie program to include many different types of projects that benefit public fishing in the Lake Erie watershed, such as fish cleaning stations, new technology, and research projects to improve the fishery.

Government entities and other nonprofit, sporting, conservation and watershed organizations as well as Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR)-designated State Heritage Areas may identify acquisition and development needs in the Erie watershed and request Commission funding to assist in addressing these needs. Eligible projects include acquisition of lands and property rights including public fishing easements, and/or development of lands to improve and/or maintain angler access.

The deadline for grant applications is December 30, 2023.  Funding requests require a 50% match.

The Commission initiated this grant program to ensure that anglers in the Erie watershed have the highest quality access to fishing opportunities. The opportunities afforded by Lake Erie and its tributary streams are unique, and we want to work with partners to improve the existing situation.


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