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The Valley Creek Trustee Council, comprised of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission and the National Park Service, oversees a grant program to provide funding for restoration of the Valley Creek Watershed in Chester County, PA. The goal of this funding is to improve trout habitat and angler access through implementation of projects related to stormwater management, streambank stabilization, implementation of environmentally sensitive land practices (e.g. easements, land purchase for preservation), and projects that directly improve angler access (e.g. trails).

    • Grant Application Package. Closing date for receipt of grant applications is no later than 5:00 p.m. on Friday, January 24, 2020.
    • Landowner Letter of Commitment” - Landowner authorization to the project grantee and Valley Creek Trustee Council for property access, project implementation, operation, monitoring, and maintenance on their property. It includes lines for signatures by both the grantee and the landowner(s), as well as for notary signature and stamp.
    • Landowner-Grantee Agreement” - Subsequent to a grant award. Note that it will be for a specified term/duration (typically 20 years), and includes by reference and attachment the “Operation, Maintenance, and Repair Plan.”