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Pennsylvania is home to a diverse population of amphibians and reptiles, including 22 species of salamanders, 21 snakes, 18 frogs and toads, 13 turtles and four lizards. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission has jurisdiction over reptiles and amphibians, including the authority to protect endangered species.


    • A = Abundant
    • C = Candidate Species
    • E = Endangered Species
    • S = Species of Special Concern, rare, not common due to one or more of the following factors:
        • Range restriction,
        • Population decline,
        • Limited distribution,
        • Direct threat from habitat alteration,
        • Collection.
    • T = Threatened Species

SALAMANDERS – Order Caudata
Common NameScientific NamePA Status

Giant Salamanders - Family Cryptobranchidae
  Eastern Hellbender
Cryptobranchus alleganiensis alleganiensisS

Mudpuppy Salamanders - Family Proteidae
  Common MudpuppyNecturus maculosus maculosusS

Mole Salamanders - Family Ambystomatidae
  Jefferson SalamanderAmbystoma jeffersonianumS
  Blue-spotted SalamanderAmbystoma lateraleE
  Spotted SalamanderAmbystoma maculatumA
  Marbled SalamanderAmbystoma opacumS

Newts - Family Salamandridae
  Red-Spotted NewtNotophthalmus viridescens viridescensA

Lungless Salamanders - Family Plethodontidae
  Green SalamanderAneides aeneusT
  Northern Dusky SalamanderDesmognathus fuscusA
  Seal SalamanderDesmognathus monticolaA
  Allegheny Mountain Dusky SalamanderDesmognathus ochrophaeusA
  Northern Two-lined SalamanderEurycea bislineataA
  Eastern Long-tailed SalamanderEurycea longicauda longicaudaA
  Northern Spring SalamanderGyrinophilus porphyriticus porphyriticusA
  Four-toed SalamanderHemidactylium scutatumA
  Eastern Red-backed SalamanderPlethodon cinereusA
  Northern Slimy SalamanderPlethodon glutinosusA
  Valley and Ridge SalamanderPlethodon hoffmaniS
  Wehrle's SalamanderPlethodon wehrleiA
  Northern Ravine SalamanderPlethodon electromorphusS
  Eastern Mud SalamanderPseudotriton montanus montanusE
  Northern Red SalamanderPseudotriton ruber ruberA
FROGS AND TOADS – Order Salientia
Common NameScientific NamePA Status

Spadefoots - Family Pelobatidae
  Eastern SpadefootScaphiopus holbrookiiT

Toads - Family Bufonidae
  Eastern American ToadAnaxyrus americanus americanusA
  Fowler's ToadAnaxyrus fowleriS

Treefrogs - Family Hylidae
  Eastern Cricket FrogAcris crepitansE
  Cope's Gray TreefrogHyla chrysoscelisS
  Gray TreefrogHyla versicolorA
  Mountain Chorus FrogPseudacris brachyphonaS
  Spring PeeperPseudacris cruciferA
  Upland Chorus FrogPseudacris feriarumS
  New Jersey Chorus FrogPseudacris kalmiE
  Western Chorus FrogPseudacris triseriataS

True Frogs - Family Ranidae
  American BullfrogLithobates catesbeianusA
  Green FrogLithobates clamitansA
  Atlantic Coast Leopard FrogLithobates kauffeldiE
  Pickerel FrogLithobates palustrisA
  Northern Leopard FrogLithobates pipiensS
  Coastal Plains Leopard FrogLithobates sphenocephalus utriculariusE
  Wood FrogLithobates sylvaticusA

TURTLES – Order Testudines
Common NameScientific NamePA Status

Snapping Turtles - Family Chelydridae
  Snapping TurtleChelydra serpentinaA

Musk and Mud Turtles - Family Kinosternidae
  Southeastern Mud TurtleKinosternon subrubrum subrubrumE
  Eastern Musk TurtleSternotherus odoratusA

Pond, Marsh and Box Turtles - Family Emydidae
  Midland Painted TurtleChrysemys picta marginataA
  Eastern Painted TurtleChrysemys picta pictaA
  Spotted TurtleClemmys guttataS
  Wood TurtleGlyptemys insculptaS
  Bog TurtleGlyptemys muhlenbergiiE
  Blanding's TurtleEmydoidea blandingiiC
  Northern Map TurtleGraptemys geographicaA
  Northern Red-bellied CooterPseudemys rubriventrisT
  Woodland Box TurtleTerrapene carolina carolinaS

Softshell Turtles - Family Trionychidae
  Eastern Spiny SoftshellApalone spinifera spiniferaA
LIZARDS – Order Squamata
Common NameScientific NamePA Status

Lizards - Family Phrynosomatidae
  Eastern Fence LizardSceloporus undulatus  S

Skinks - Family Scincidae
  Northern Coal SkinkPlestiodon anthracinus anthracinusS
  Common Five-lined SkinkPlestiodon fasciatusA
  Broad-headed SkinkPlestiodon laticepsC
SNAKES – Order Squamata
Common NameScientific NamePA Status

Colubrid Snakes - Family Colubridae
  Eastern WormsnakeCarphophis amoenus amoenusS
  Kirtland's SnakeClonophis kirtlandiiE
  Northern Black RacerColuber constrictor constrictorA
  Northern Ring-necked SnakeDiadophis punctatus edwardsiiA
  Eastern RatsnakePantherophis alleghaniensisA
  Eastern Hog-nosed SnakeHeterodon platirhinosS
  Eastern MilksnakeLampropeltis triangulumA
  Northern Watersnake Nerodia sipedon sipedonA
  Northern Rough GreensnakeOpheodrys aestivus aestivusE
  QueensnakeRegina septemvittataS
  Dekay's BrownsnakeStoreria dekayiA
  Red-bellied SnakeStoreria occipitomaculataA
  Short-headed GartersnakeThamnophis brachystomaS
  Eastern RibbonsnakeThamnophis sauritusS
  Eastern Gartersnake Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalisA
  Eastern Smooth EarthsnakeVirginia valeriae valeriaeS
  Mountain EarthsnakeVirginia valeriae pulchraS
  Smooth GreensnakeOpheodrys vernalisS

Pit Vipers - Family Viperidae
  Eastern CopperheadAgkistrodon contortrixS
  Timber RattlesnakeCrotalus horridusC
  Eastern MassasaugaSistrurus catenatusE