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Aquatic Macroinvertebrates photos 

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Collecting Critters 
Crossword puzzle with tips on how to collect aquatic macroinvertebrates. ​

Coloring Pages
Read Along Cover


PLAY Newsletters

You can find additional activities and crafts on the last page of every PLAY (Pennsylvania League of Angling Youth) newsletter!

"My Adventures" write-your-own story booklet
With this 12-page activity booklet you can write-your-own adventure about a trip on or near a PA waterway (e.g. stream, river, pond, lake). You can also share something you learn, share how you would teach someone else about what you learned, and share a memory that you will keep with you as you grow. Begin your story today!

PLAY: Crazy for Crayfish
PLAY issue containing the following articles -
Intro to Crayfish; A Closer Look at Crayfish; Crayfish Habitats; Counting On Crayfish; Crayfish in Trouble; Crayfish Maze.

PLAY: Six Legs Underwater
PLAY issue containing the following articles -
Six Legs Underwater; Family Affair; A Bug’s Life; A Wet World; Match the Hatch matching game; Critter Collectors – Build your own!



The following link is a playlist that will take you through all of PFBC’s videos related to aquatic macroinvertebrates OR you can go through them individually by clicking links below.

PA Mussels and PA Mussel Survey Virtual Field Trip
Take a virtual field trip to learn about some of PA's Mussels, learn about a special Mussel relocation project, and see how PFBC conducts a Mussel survey! In this playlist you will learn about types of PA Mussels, parts of Mussels, Mussel reproduction, aging, and identification. You will also learn how PFBC conducts a post project Mussel survey, see all the equipment they use for the survey, and how they process the data.​​​