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​​ Kayak Fishing

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Coldwater Safety
Crossword puzzle on important coldwater safety topics.

Kayak Fishing Word Search
Have fun navigating through this word search to find new waterways to explore and new fish to catch while you are out kayak fishing!

Pocket First Aid Kit
Description of how to assemble a simple pocket sized first aid kit.​


PLAY Newsletters

You can find additional activities and crafts on the last page of every PLAY (Pennsylvania League of Angling Youth) newsletter!

Read Along with PFBC playlist
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Listen and/or read along with PFBC staff as they share Pennsylvania League of Angling Youth newsletters in a video format.

“Fishing is Reel Fun” booklet
This 18-page activity booklet is full of fishing and boating information to help anglers and boaters of all ability levels enjoy safe, fun, and year-round outdoor adventures in Pennsylvania. Enjoy!

"My Adventures" write-your-own story booklet
With this 12-page activity booklet you can write-your-own adventure about a trip on or near a PA waterway (e.g. stream, river, pond, lake). You can also share something you learn, share how you would teach someone else about what you learned, and share a memory that you will keep with you as you grow. Begin your story today!​​

PLAY: Back to Basics – Boats
PLAY issue containing the following articles –
Back to basics: Boats; The Best Way to Stay Afloat; Boats Come in all Shapes and Sizes; Before you hit the water; Now you know the parts of a canoe and paddle (word search).

PLAY: Back to Basics – Paddling Techniques
PLAY issue containing the following articles –
Back to the Basics: Paddling Techniques; Loading Your Boat; Get Moving:Canoes; Get Moving: Kayaks; Around the Bend (word scramble).

PLAY: Back to Basics – Paddling Gear
PLAY issue containing the following articles –
Paddling Gear; Boat Notes: Canoes; Boat Notes: Kayaks; Pick a Paddle; Pick a Life Jacket; The Gear Game (Crossword Puzzle)

PLAY: Back to Basics – Paddling Water Safety
PLAY issue containing the following articles –
Back to the Basics: Water Safety For Paddlers; Taking the Big Plunge; Hazards on the Water; Reading a River; Following the Sequence, The Rescue Sequence; Throw a Bag; The Rescue Game (Crossword Puzzle)

PLAY: Kayak Fishing
PLAY issue containing the following articles –
Kayak Fishing; Paddling Safety; Basic Fishing Setup; Fishing Kayak Basic Setup; Fishing Kayak Advanced Setup; Competitive Kayak Fishing Tournaments; Kayak Fishing (Word Search).



The following two links are playlists that will take you through all of PFBC’s videos related to kayak fishing OR you can go through them individually by clicking links below.

How to Use a Water Rescue Throw Bag 
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Chris Calhoun, lead water rescue instructor trainer for the PFBC, along with his daughter Jessica, provide an overview and tips on the use of a water rescue throw bag. He reviews the different style types, features/anatomy, throwing techniques, setup location considerations, how to receive the bag as a victim and the risks and hazards that must be considered when using this tool.

Mandatory Life Jacket Requirement
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Boaters must wear a life jacket on boats less than 16 feet in length or any canoe or kayak.

River Kayaking- Wear It, PA!
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The US Coast Guard says that nearly 85% of all boating facilities could have been prevented by wearing a life jacket. Protect yourself, family and friends by simply wearing a life jacket.