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Trout Streams (interactive map)
Mapping and additional information for the following categories of trout streams: Keystone Select, Special Regulation, Class A, Stocked, Natural Reproduction.

Special Regulation Areas (interactive map)
Waters that have tackle, harvest or other restrictions. There are a number of different regulation categories. Generally these waters can be fished year-round.

Stocked Trout Waters (Summary Book listings)
These waters have significant portions that are open to public fishing and are stocked with trout by the Commission.

Wild Trout Designation Streams - Being Considered (PDF Listing)

Before a stream is officially presented to the PFBC board of commissioners for consideration, the public will have 30 days to provide comments. The comment period will begin at least 60 days before the PFBC takes action at a quarterly meeting. Submit comment.

These streams have been sampled by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission and cooperating partners as part of an effort to collect baseline biological information from streams that were not previously surveyed. Preliminary results from these surveys indicate that these streams may be eligible for consideration for inclusion on The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission's list of Stream Sections Supporting Natural Reproduction of Trout (wild trout stream) and may support wild trout populations sufficient to designate a stream section as a Class A wild trout stream.

Wild Trout Designation Streams - Officially Proposed

These streams will be brought before the Commission for official listing as a Stream Section Supporting Natural Reproduction of Trout (Wild Trout Stream) or as a Class A wild trout stream. 

Class A Wild Trout Streams (PDF listing)

Streams that support a population of wild (natural reproduction) trout of sufficient size and abundance to support a long-term and rewarding sport fishery. The Commission stocks a handful of these streams.

Wild Trout Waters (Natural Reproduction) (PDF listing)

Stream sections supporting naturally reproducing populations of trout. A wild trout stream section is a biological designation. These streams may also be stocked with hatchery trout by the Commission.

Keystone Select Stocked Trout Waters Keystone Select Stocked Trout Waters logo

The Keystone Select Stocked Trout Waters program provides anglers with an exciting opportunity to fish for larger trout. Under the program, approximately 10,000 large trout, 2-to 3-years old and measuring between 14 to 20 inches, are distributed among these select waters under the Delayed Harvest Artificial Lures Only special regulations and one water managed with Miscellaneous Special Regulations.

Wilderness Trout Streams

Wilderness trout stream management is based upon the provision of a wild trout fishing experience in a remote, natural and unspoiled environment where man's disruptive activities are minimized. Established in 1969, this option was designed to protect and promote native (brook trout) fisheries, the ecological requirements necessary for natural reproduction of trout and wilderness aesthetics. The superior quality of these watersheds is considered an important part of the overall angling experience on wilderness trout streams. Therefore, all stream sections included in this program qualify for the Exceptional Value (EV) special protected water use classification, which represents the highest protection status provided by the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP).

Important Note to Anglers - Many waters in Pennsylvania are on private property, the listing or mapping of waters by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission does not guarantee public access. Always obtain permission to fish on private property.