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Go to  log in to your account, create an account or use our guest account. 

    • Select the "Fish" tab and scroll down for a list of Gift Vouchers
    • Select the preferred GIFT- Fishing license
    • Select the quantity and "Add to Cart"
    • To buy additional items, select "Keep Shopping", and add products
    • Select "Checkout" to finish your purchase
    • Enter credit card and billing Information and "Submit"
    • On the Order Receipt page select "Receipt and License Documents" to download your gift voucher
    • Give your recipient the voucher to redeem with the voucher number. 
    • Share instructions below with each recipient. 


Congratulations on your gift of adventure and fun on Pennsylvania's waterways. May the fish find your hook always!

Vouchers may be redeemed in person at any authorized issuing agent or redeem online using the instructions below. 

Go to  and log in to your account or create an account. 

    • Under the "Fish" tab select the fishing license or permit that matches your gift voucher
    • Select "Add to cart" 
    • To buy additional items, select "Keep Shopping" and add products
    • In Shopping Cart, add voucher number and click "Apply"
    • Click "Checkout" and your gift is redeemed
    • If you are purchasing additional products, enter credit card and billing information
    • On the Order Receipt page select "Receipt and License Documents" to download your fishing license and/or permit

View the Pennsylvania Fishing Summary for fishing rules and regulations. 

*Vouchers are not licenses and may not be used a​s licenses while fishing. Vouchers are non-refundable and expire as noted.