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Pennsylvania is fortunate to have a vast flowing water resource. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) estimates that there are 86,000 miles of streams within Pennsylvania’s six major river basins (DEP 2012).

Before the Unassessed Waters Initiative commenced, the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission (PFBC) surveyed 3,175 Pennsylvania streams, comprising 21,654 miles. Of this total, there were 1,709 streams (9,372 miles) in which wild trout were documented by PFBC staff. There were another 1,702 streams (comprising 3,305 miles) that, by PFBC policy, were classified as wild trout streams, because they were upstream of documented wild trout waters (58 Pa. Code §57.11). This resulted in a total of 3,411 designated wild trout streams comprising 12,677 miles in the state of Pennsylvania (PFBC 2009)....more about the initiative

Public Participation Program of the Unassessed Waters Initiative, 9 Mb

Unassessed Waters Initiative presentation by Bob Weber, April 2011

Unassessed Waters – Stream Surveys

Trout Plan