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Most original boat titles are held by boat sellers and lenders who facilitate title transfer to new boat owners. When boats are transferred to new owners, the PFBC processes title transfers including by gift, resell or owner death. New titles may also be needed when title paperwork is lost.

To keep titling information valid owners should update changes of address, HIN or boat information

Any boat purchased, transferred or sold, must be titled if the boat is:

    • Powered by an inboard motor, including personal watercraft, 1997 model year or newer.
    • Powered by an outboard motor, 14 feet or longer, 1997 model year or newer.
    • Currently titled in Pennsylvania.
    • Currently titled in another state when Pennsylvania becomes the state of primary uses.

Once a boat is titled, it must remain titled by all future owners.

Any boat can be voluntarily titled.

Benefits of titling a boat:

    • Assures the buyer of a boat the seller has clear ownership of a boat offered for sale. 
    • Some lenders won’t finance without a title, so securing a loan to purchase a boat may be easier if it is titled.
    • Titling is a deterrent to boat theft. 
    • Boat dealers and other purchasers are more certain that someone offering a boat for sale has the legal right to do so.

Find all Commission boat titling forms.

Ensuring a boat's title is valid means that records have to change from time to time.
Find the right application for your situation.


Duplicate or Corrected Certificate of Title By Owner
Title for Outboard Motor Changes (title once lien is satisfied)
Certificate of Salvage
New Certificate of Title
Notification of Assignment/Correction of Title and/or Registration Upon Death of Owner


Duplicate Certificate of Title or to Record, Satisfy, or Correct Lien Information By Lienholder
Certificate of Title By An Agent/Dealer 
Cancellation of Certificate of Title
Certificate of Title After Default by Owner

Request for Boat Title or Security Interest Information