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Alphabetical list of Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission applications, forms and permits related to boating and boat registrations and titles. Find additional licenses and permits at For more information on registration, email For permit information email

Affidavit of Boat Gift (PFBC-715)

Affidavit of Boat Purchase/Ownership (PFBC-734)

Application for a Boat Operator's License (PFBC-292)

Application for Boat Registration and/or Title (REV-336)

Aquatic Invasive Species Reporting Form

Boat Length Certification (PFBC-R6)

Boating Accident Report (PFBC-260)

Boating Safety Education Certificate

Cancellation of Certificate of Boat Title (PFBC-T5)

Certificate of Boat Salvage (PFBC-T6)

Certificate of Boat Title After Default by Owner (PFBC-T7)

Certificate of Boat Title By An Agent/Dealer (PFBC-T4)

Change of Address, Status or Request for Duplicate Certificate of Registration (PFBC-732)

Correction or Change of Boat Record (PFBC-T10)

Dealer Notification of Boat Trade-In (PFBC-TS1)

Duplicate Certificate of Boat Title or to Record, Satisfy, or Correct Lien Information By Lienholder (PFBC-T2)

Duplicate or Corrected Certificate of Boat Title By Owner (PFBC-T1)

Install Floating Structures and Private Aids to Navigation (PFBC-277)

Statement of Abandoned Boat (PFBC-R5)

Title for Outboard Motor Changes (PFBC-T3)

Tow Water Skier Without Observer

Transfer Registration Fee to a Newly Acquired Boat (PFBC-R4)