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Fly Fishing Word Search
Find the fly fishing-related words in this word search.

Knotes on Knots (en Espanol)
How to tie fishing knots such as blood knot, improved clinch knot and more.

Life of a Trout
Activity - Cut out, paste and learn about PA’s trout, their habitat and their lifecycle.


Coloring Pages


PLAY Newsletters

You can find additional activities and crafts on the last page of every PLAY (Pennsylvania League of Angling Youth) newsletter!

“Fishing is Reel Fun” booklet
This 18-page activity booklet is full of fishing and boating information to help anglers and boaters of all ability levels enjoy safe, fun, and year-round outdoor adventures in Pennsylvania. Enjoy!

"My Adventures" write-your-own story booklet
With this 12-page activity booklet you can write-your-own adventure about a trip on or near a PA waterway (e.g. stream, river, pond, lake). You can also share something you learn, share how you would teach someone else about what you learned, and share a memory that you will keep with you as you grow. Begin your story today!

PLAY: Trout by Fly 
PLAY issue containing the following articles-
Trout by Fly; Cracking the Code; Types of Flies; Where Trout Live; Casting Class; and Fly Fishing Word Search.

PLAY: The Lure of PA’s Silver Shadows
PLAY issue containing the following articles –
Silver Shadows; Profiling Erie’s “Silver Bullet”; Stream Manners; Equipment used to target Steelhead; Catching Lake Erie Steelhead; Fighting and Releasing Steelhead; Steelhead Alley (word search).

PLAY: Trout Training
PLAY issue containing the following articles –
Trout Training; Finding Trout waters; Know Your Tr-“outfit”; Casting Practice; Trout Training-Rig It Right (cut and match game); Trout Tactics – On the Fly; Trout Tactics – Without a Spin.​​​




The following link is a playlist that will take you through all of PFBC’s videos related to fly fishing OR you can go through them individually by clicking links below.

PFBC Virtual Family Fishing Program
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If you have always wanted to attend a PFBC Family Fishing Program (FFP) but have not yet had the opportunity to do so, the agency's Education staff have developed a Virtual FFP (VFFP) just for you!

Whether new to fishing, returning to fishing, or introducing someone to the sport of fishing, these videos- and the (in-person) Family Fishing Program, itself- will get you started in the right direction. Our virtual FFP videos provide a variety of educational "stations" that introduce you to the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, the FFP program, Casting, Knot-Tying, All About Fish, How to be a SMART Angler, How to Rig and Bait a Rod for Fishing, and the Rules and Regulations you need to know before you go fishing. Each virtual "station" is also broken into short video clips and provided to you in a series-format on our YouTube channel and our Facebook page, so that you can watch only the videos that you wish, and in the order that you wish.

PFBC’s in-person Family Fishing Programs are for families with little or no fishing experience. Participants learn basic fishing skills and practice those skills while fishing during the program. The program is open to all ages, including children ages 5 and older. The program is free, and all equipment and bait is provided. NOTE: the fishing license requirement is waived during the program for participants age 16 and older.

We look forward to helping you begin this exciting new journey and hope to see you on the water soon!

Knots “Station”
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Welcome to the Knots “Station”, brought to you by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission! In this video, Northeast Region Outreach and Education Coordinator, Walt Dietz, provides the knot-tying station of our Virtual Family Fishing Program. This video provides an introduction to knots, parts of a hook, and how to tie an improved clinch knot.

Basic Fly-Tying Equipment
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In this video, PFBC Fishing Skills Instructor, George Daniel, introduces you to basic fly-tying equipment (e.g. fly tying vise, bobbin, scissors, hackle pliers, whip finisher etc.).​​

Intro to Fly Tying- “First Fly”
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In this video, George Daniel introduces viewers to a basic, but effective “First Fly” called the “Green Weenie.”​​​