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​​A poorly tied knot can weaken line strength by 50 percent or more. For example, fishing a lousy knot on 4-pound-test line is like fishing with 2-pound-test line.

Knots for Attaching Lures and Hooks 


  1. Make a loop of 4 inches or so of line. 
  2. Put the loop through the eye.
  3. Tie an overhand knot with the loop. The hook should dangle from the middle of the knot.
  4. Put the loop over the hook.
  5. Pull both lines to tighten. 
Note: This is one of the easiest and strongest knots to tie. It is not a good knot for attaching crankbaits or lures with lots of hooks. It is an easy knot to teach beginners and children. 

Improved Clinch

  1. Thread the line through the eye and double back on the line.
  2. Wrap the loose end around the line to the reel five times.
  3. Thread the loose end through the first loop above the eye.
  4. Thread the end through the big loop made in step 3.
  5. Pull tight.
Note: To tie a regular clinch knot, skip step 4.

Surgeon’s Loop

  1. Make a loop about 1 to 2 inches long. 
  2. With the loop, tie an overhand knot. Don’t tighten.
  3. Thread the loop through the knot again and tighten.
  4. Attach the hook to the line by threading the loop through the eye and pass the loop over the hook.

Note: This knot is useful for attaching snelled hooks, swivels and lures that have lots of action.

​Knots for Joining Two Pieces of Line

Blood Knot

  1. Overlap two pieces of line by about 2 inches.
  2. Wrap loose end #1 around line #2 five times.
  3. Put loose end #1 between line #2 and line #1.
  4. Wrap loose end #2 around line #1 fives times.
  5. Thread loose end #2 through the loop made between #1 and #2.
  6. Holding the loose ends and the running lines, tighten.

Surgeon’s Knot 

  1. Lay pieces of line side by side, overlapping about 6 inches.
  2. Tie an overhand knot, using both pieces. Don’t tighten.
  3. Pull the loose ends through the knot again.
  4. Holding line, tighten.


Wet the knot with saliva or water before drawing the knot tight. Don’t trim too close to the knot. Clippers can nick and weaken line.

View printable Knotes on Knots flyer - in English​ | en Espanol