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Get some basic fishing knowledge and learn more about what equipment you will need to get started.

Some of the fact sheets are courtesy of our friends at [TMF], be sure to visit their site for much more fishing and boating information.Opens In A New Window


1. Fishing License or a fishing buddy with one. Family members or friends 16 years of age and older need a fishing license. A license can be bought through an issuing agent or online at

2. Fishing Rod and Reel - Spincasting is great for beginners.

3. Line on the Reel - Check it for twists, nicks or knots. Change the line if necessary Use 6-pound test as a good all around size.

Videos from TMF

4. Tackle Box with lots of hooks, sinkers, bobbers and any other lures you can find. Many sporting goods stores now sell tackle boxes already stocked with these items.

5. Live bait such as red worms, nightcrawlers, maggots, mealworms and grasshoppers. Bait can be bought at a local bait shop. Bait can also be found in your garden! Dig around the plants to find your own worms.

6. Lucky fishing hat and vest

7. Waders if you have them. Old sneakers if you do not.

8. Rain gear (just in case).

9. Plenty of drinking water, especially on hot days.

10. Other essentials such as snacks, insect repellent, sunscreen


Need to borrow a rod, reel or other fishing equipment? Find Fishing Tackle Loaner locations near you.


Follow the Fish and Boat Commission Summary Book for regulations on tackle, equipment and bait​.